After This Class, You Will Know:


"How To Find Your Very Own Winning Amazon Product Within The Next Hour..."

After this step you will know exactly what you can sell with no doubts or worries!


"How To Source Your Product For The Best Prices and Lowest Order Quantity To Get Started On A Budget!"

You will be able to beat your competitors on prices and start your business on a budget...


"How To Outsell The Competition On Amazon By Ranking Your Product To The Top Of Page 1..." 

This will gain you thousands of eyeballs a day looking at your product, you literally can't not make sales then!


If Anything Sounds Confusing Don't Worry, I Will Take You Step by Step and Even Show You How To Get Free Access To Two Amazon Mini Courses! 

These allowed me to scale into the 6 figures within months rather than years! 

"I started selling on Amazon not really knowing if I could do it or not. I have not had any experience with this kind of thing before and I was really worried that it would be too difficult and time consuming, not to mention really expensive. The beauty is that Laurence assumes no prior knowledge, a complete beginner can do it."

"The way everything is put together, and the ease of use, finding sources for products etc is easier than I thought it would be. Just follow the steps and you will get there!"

"This training has been so invaluable, and I will be using your methods when I come to finding another product to launch. I was using someone else's training that me £1600 and also got me not very far, so it's a relief you know what you're doing!"